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Welcome to the Henry County Sheriff Web Site. Please be aware this site is under construction with additional features being added as they come online, please check back frequently.  

Message From Sheriff Keith McBrayer

Welcome to our informative interactive website.  It is my goal to make as much information as possible available to you 24 hours a day within the guidelines of the law and the limits of technology.  Also check out our Facebook page and download our free Henry County Sheriff's phone app to get up to the minute information while on the go.  Check back often for updates and additional improvements. 

As your Sheriff and Chief Law Enforcement Officer for Henry County my primary focus is, and always has been, the safety and wellbeing of our citizens. As part of that commitment we are reaching out to the youth of Henry County.  We know from experience that the decisions our youth make can, and often do, effect the rest of their lives.  We have young adult inmates in our jail who are awaiting trial or serving time because they made a bad decision that led to a mistake that could have been avoided.  It’s my belief that it is up to all of us to try to help our youth understand the consequences for making life altering choices.  

To that point, I have taken action to help our youth learn how to make better decisions as an integral and important part of the youth programs we provide.  Our ongoing programs include the McGruff series for second graders, Junior Deputy programs for sixth graders, our annual Summer Camps for ages 12 – 14, and our recently added Explorer Post.  Our public school programs provide in-school educational curriculum to over 6,800 students monthly.  Although we cover a wide range of topics in these interesting and entertaining programs, our primary goal is to help our youth recognize danger warning signs and bad choices. 

As an elected constitutional officer, I also know that I am answerable to the citizens.  With that in mind it is important that I stay focused on providing professional constitutional services while understanding the issues that are a threat to our communities.  

I serve our community with over 320 employees working around the clock to maintain two adult detention facilities with 908 beds, receiving over 38,000 civil papers, nearly 7,000 warrants a year, and providing security for 14 courtrooms in four separate buildings. We fight serious crimes by assigning deputies to Federal Law Enforcement Task Forces and Drug Interdiction Units. Additionally, we provide School Resource Officers (SRO) to the Henry County Board of Education and document, track and, when necessary, prosecute sex offenders and our Gang Unit monitors and responds to gang activity.  We are an active part of our community. 

You can be assured that your Sheriff is actively involved with our operation and that we make ourselves, and information, readily available to the community at all hours.  We do this through this website, our Facebook page and for everyone on the go; download our free phone app to have information about our agency at your fingertips anywhere.  Be sure to sign up on our phone app to take advantage of our free “notification” feature to give you important timely information on what’s happening in your community. 

Remember that time spent with our youth is never wasted time.  It is a benefit to them and to our society.   

Best Regards,


Keith McBrayer