Internal Affairs

The Henry County Sheriff’s Office takes its responsibility to the citizens very serious and wants to ensure that ALL persons are treated with respect by the employees.  Regardless of a person’s sex, race or national origin the Sheriff’s Office intends to perform its duties with the upmost professionalism, respect and honor.  When a complaint is received from any person it is taken seriously, and will have the appropriate supervisor investigate the validity of it and if possible at their level appropriately address and if necessary correct any action that may be inappropriate.


If this Office receives written complaints of serious accusations of misconduct by a staff member then the Chief Deputy may assign the complaint to an investigator.  These deputies have many years of training and experience in various fields of law enforcement and will fairly and without prejudice investigate and seek the facts and truth of the case assigned to them.  These deputies will interview the complainant and deputy(ies) involved as well as all witness and will report in writing to the Chief Deputy and the division commander their findings.  Once this is done the division commanders will determine if policy, procedure or Georgia Law was violated by an employee and if so appropriate disciplinary action will be taken. 


Should you feel there is a need to make a complaint on an employee of the Sheriff's Office you may contact the

Internal Affairs Unit

To assist us in the complaint process, please be sure to include your contact information.  A lack of information from you may prohibit us from being able to perform a thorough investigation.   


It is the policy of the Henry County Sheriff’s Office to provide citizens with a fair and effective avenue for redress of their legitimate complaints against Sheriff’s Office employees.  It is also the Sheriff's Office responsibility to protect employees from false charges of misconduct or wrongdoing and to provide accused employees with due process safeguards.

While encouraging the filing of legitimate complaints against employees as a means by which they can be held accountable to the public, this agency simultaneously seeks to hold members of the public responsible for the filing of false and malicious allegations against Sheriff’s Office employees.  In these latter cases, the complainant will be informed that legal action may be taken against them.


The deputies assigned to this unit will also conduct back ground checks on potential employees when the Sheriff’s Office is hiring new employees.  This process is very in depth and covers an applicant’s previous employers, relatives, associates, criminal and driver’s history.  It is the primary goal of the Sheriff’s Office to ensure that only highly qualified applicants are hired as a deputy sheriff and that they meet the high standards set for this profession.


From time to time there may be a special criminal investigation that may be assigned to this unit that may or may not involve the staff of the Sheriff’s Office.  The Sheriff’s Office has the authority and responsibilities to enforce all laws of the state and when called upon to do so will conduct a complete and accurate investigation and report their findings back to the appropriate authority.