There is considerable work involved on the part of the jail staff to get an individual "booked in".  Every attempt is made to complete this process both quickly and efficiently.  Not every charge a person could be arrested for has a preset bond.  If a bond is available, it may be posted after the booking process is complete.  At that point, the person in custody is allowed to use collect calling phones in order to make arrangements for release on bond.  Bonds can be obtained for persons incarcerated in the Henry County Jail 24 hours a day/seven days a week at:

Henry County Sheriff's Office
120 Henry Pkwy.
McDonough GA 30253

If you need further information, please feel free to contact us at 770-288-7120.
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  • What is a Bond?
    A bond is the primary way that a person in custody can get out of jail before their court date.  A bond is a contract between the arrested subject (the principle), the person posting the bond (the surety) and the court.  It is a guarantee that the arrested person will appear for any and all court appearances connected with the arrest.  A bond is not a fine.  If the defendant fails to appear in court, the bond is subject to forfeiture.  There may also be warrants issued for the arrest of the defendant.
  • How do I bond someone out of jail?
    To post bond, you must be 18 or older with a valid government issued picture ID.  There are multiple bond options for obtaining the release of an individual incarcerated in jail.  Simply follow the instructions for the type of bond you wish to post.
  • How do i post a Cash Bond (or user a Credit / Debit Card for a bond)?

    Cash in the full amount of the bond.  If the defendant is found guilty of the charge, fines and fees can be deducted from the cash bond and the remainder returned to the person who posted the bond.  If you do not wish for this to happen, be sure to mark the appropriate section on the bond paperwork stating that you do not consent to this and the full bond amount will be refunded to you.  Checks or credit cards are not accepted at the Henry County Detention Center. 

    If you are unable to come to the Jail to post a cash bond or would like to use a debt or credit card to post a cash bond, please contact Cash Bond Online, Inc. 24 hours a day at 1-888-726-6301 or visit their website at

  • How do I post a Property Bond?
    The equity in property located in Henry County can be used to post a bond.  There must be enough clear and unencumbered equity to cover two times the amount of the bond.  Only fixed, permanent structures will be included in the value of the property (a mobile home is not considered valued property).  To post a property bond, you must have the original Warranty or Security Deed, Quit Claim Deed (if applicable) and a current property tax statement.  Providing a copy of your most recent mortgage statement will also assist in the bond process.  Every individual listed on the deed(s) or tax statement must be present to sign the bond.  In case of the death of a named person on the deed, a certified copy of the death certificate must be presented.  If the person you are trying to bond out of jail (the principle) is listed as an owner on the property deed, then that property cannot be used to bond that person out.

  • How do I post a Transfer Bond (Out of County Bond)?
    A transfer bond is an option for individuals who own property in Georgia but outside of Henry County.  To obtain a transfer bond, you must take the required documents to the Sheriff's Office in the county where the property is located.  The Sheriff's Office will prepare the bond and place it in a sealed envelope.  The bond should then be delivered to the Henry County Jail to complete the bond process.  If the envelope is open or tampered with the bond will not be accepted.

  • How do I post a Surety Bond (Professional Bondign Company)?
    Bond may be posted through the service of state licensed bonding companies.  Bonding companies charge a fee to sign onto a bond.  This fee is set by statute and is not refundable.  Bonding companies must be approved by the Sheriff to post surety bonds at the Henry County Jail.  Please understand that the staff of the Sheriff's Office cannot recommend a bonding company, so please don't ask.  The following are approved bonding companies:

    1st Action Bail Bonding 678-761-0499
    Jam Bonding 770-477-7865 
    Eagle Bonding 678-432-9538
    Freedom Bonding 770-954-1791

    NOTEThe above Bonding Companies are NOT listed in order of preference.  The Henry County Sheriff's Office expresses no preference or recommendation as to which of the approved Bonding Company services to select.  They are merely listed in alphabetic order as they would be in the telephone book. 


  • What is a Military Service Bond?
    Any person in military service charged with a misdemeanor, whose bond is no more than $400, may be allowed to have his commanding officer sign a recognizance bond.
  • What are the Bond Fees?
    There is a non-refundable bond fee of $20 per each bond written.
  • What if there is no preset Bond?
    The court will be notified of the person’s incarceration then it is up to the court to set a Bond Hearing.
  • How do I revoke (come off) someone's bond?
    If the person is incarcerated at the Henry County Jail, the person who signed the bond (the Surety) must come to the jail and complete the paperwork necessary to revoke the bond.  If the person is incarcerated in a jail in a surrounding county, a Proof of Incarceration Letter must be obtained from the jail of incarceration and brought to the Henry County Jail by the person who signed the bond (this is only done on a case by case basis).  If the person is arrested on a Failure to Appear warrant, The bond cannot be revoked on the charge the FTA warrant was issued for.  If the person is not in jail, he must be brought to the Henry County Jail before the paperwork can be completed.
  • How do I obtain a bond refund?

    Once a bond has been written it (along with any monies and paperwork) is forwarded to the court who will be hearing the case.  Upon completion of the case, bond monies and property liens are available for release.  To obtain bond refunds the person who signed the bond must contact the court that handled the case.

    Click here for a list of Courts in Henry County.