Chief Deputy - David Foster

Chief Deputy David Foster is a lifelong resident of Henry County.  Like Sheriff Keith McBrayer, Chief Foster started his career in law enforcement during his teenage years by participating in the Henry County Sheriff’s Office Senior Teen Deputy Program.  This was an Explorer Post program then sponsored by the Sheriff’s Office to help young people determine if their personal interests would suite them as a career. 

As a Senior Teen Deputy Chief Foster volunteered his time working in various areas of the Sheriff’s Office to further his knowledge and develop his skills.  After graduating from Henry County High School, he accepted a position as a dispatcher with the Henry County Police Department in 1982 at the early age of 18. 
While there Chief Foster was given additional responsibilities earning him the opportunity to attend the Regional Police Academy.  Upon graduating from the Regional Police Academy he was promoted to Patrol Officer.  In 1985 the Henry County Police Department was placed under the Sheriff’s Office.  After the merger Chief Foster continued his service to Henry County and was promoted to the rank of Patrol Sergeant. 
During his time at the Sheriff’s Office Chief Foster has served in many key operational and administrative roles. This included, while the Court Services Unit Commander, the development of the Court Facilities Emergency Plans now required by law.  He was well recognized in the community for his active role in Sheriff's Office and community functions. 
Chief Foster was appointed as the Field Operations Commander with the rank of Major in 2009.  While serving in this position he commanded the Sheriff’s Special Response Team (SRT), served as a member of the Henry County Emergency Management Board and directly oversaw the School Resource Unit.  Other units under his command included the Warrant Unit, Civil Unit, Court Services Unit, the Sheriff's Reserve Unit, the Telecommunications Unit, the Community Relations Unit, the Special Investigations Unit and several agents assigned to local and Federal task forces and the US Marshals. 
Chief Foster was appointed to his current position as Chief Deputy in November, 2011 by Sheriff Keith McBrayer.  As the highest ranking non-elected member of the Sheriff’s Office, he continues to serve by being responsible for overseeing the daily operation of all major divisions of the Henry County Sheriff’s Office.
Chief Foster continues to live in Henry County with his wife Donna to which he has been married for 33 years. They have two daughters Amanda and Brittany.