Policy Development

The administrative duties of the Support Services Division are wide-ranging in both topic and function.  Policy Development is an integral part of this division with the responsibility for those administrative duties that touch the many functions of the Sheriff’s Office. 

One of the primary duties includes helping to develop our agency Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) and Post Orders which are the procedures and processes by which our agency operates.   This often requires research on specific related topics as well as crafting the text and formatting the documentation.  In addition to responsibility for creating the finished product, keeping this documentation up to date is of major importance and a priority for Policy Development.  Associated with these activities is the creation and management of customized forms and documents.  These too must be accurate and kept up to date.  

Another key function is assisting with website content which provides accurate information to both the public and employees.  The Sheriff’s Office website provides needed information 24 hours per day, year round.  The design and content of the website promotes transparency to our community, other law enforcement agencies and members of the judicial system.  

Other duties include compiling data for grant and funding reimbursements to help reduce the fiscal burden on county taxpayers and the flexibility to respond to other agency needs.  



Sgt. Denise McBroom
Policy Development