Motorcycle Unit

The Henry County Sheriff’s Office implemented the Motor Unit in 2017.  The unit is comprised of seven specially trained volunteer motorcycle deputies and four fully equipped Harley Davidson Road King Motorcycles, and falls under the command of the Support Services Division.

In addition to the required emergency equipment and markings the Sheriff’s Office motorcycles includes first aid kits, fire extinguishers and AED’s (to help preserve life).  The motorcycles were purchased with legally acquired drug funds. 

Each deputy must pass intensive training courses that include emergency operation, vehicle escorts, general maintenance, inclement weather operations and other highly specialized skills training.

Once certified, Motor Unit Deputies stay proficient by attending monthly training exercises.  Deputies in the unit will assist with funeral escorts, dignitary details, sporting events, ceremonial events, parades and various community relations activities.

We are proud to have such highly skilled and professional motor deputies here at the Sheriff’s Office.  These deputies are very dedicated and train rigorously to provide efficient professional services to the citizens of Henry County.

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