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Jail Annex
The Henry County Jail Annex is a minimum security housing facility consisting of 84 beds located at 505 Hampton Road in McDonough.  This facility opened in 1979 where it functioned as the county jail until 1991.  It reopened in 2003 for its current use. 
The inmates selected for assignment to this facility are classified as low risk based upon several factors including their current charges and previous history.  Many are serving their sentences while participating in work release which allows them to keep their full-time jobs.  While on work release they can provide for their families and contribute to the good of the community.  Those granted work release pay a daily fee for the privilege which will generate over $55,000 for the county budget. 
The majority of inmates at the Annex are assigned to provide labor for community service programs or on county work details.  They are easily identified by their orange jumpsuits and are commonly referred to as “trustees”.  Although they are working out in the community they are supervised by Sheriff’s Deputies or experienced County Employees at all times and are restricted from access to amenities. 
You may notice these workers at the county animal shelter, our Courthouse and Judicial Center, picking up trash along our roads and at Senior Services.  They also work out of public view in the jail kitchen, for Jail Complex cleaning  and other community service functions including full janitorial services in our county courts. 
Why does the Sheriff do this?  The benefits to inmates are that they can work off court ordered community service hours in a productive way and by staying busy their time goes faster.  The advantage to taxpayers is that the money from housing fees for work release plus the cost savings to the county for using inmate labor is estimated to be over one million dollars per year.  Yes, $1,000,000+ per year.  

While traveling around the county if you notice these workers in their orange jumpsuits, remember they are providing a service that saves taxpayer dollars.


Lt. Stacy Brooks
Annex Supervisor

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