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Inmate Relations

Many things we take for granted in everyday life (such as mail, phone calls, visiting with loved ones…) are difficult for someone that is incarcerated. Our Inmate Relations Unit is committed to effectively and efficiently managing inmate services. The unit has many responsibilities which include:

  • Answering inmate request forms
  • Handling inmate mail
  • Visitation
  • Intake of approved items for inmates
  • Arranging church services

In addition, Inmate Relations Staff classify persons incarcerated in the Henry County Jail based on their sex, charges, behavior, etc… Classifying inmates allows our staff to determine which inmates qualify for the Inmate Work Force and assists us in making housing assignments to insure safety of the facility as well as inmates and staff.

Click here for information on visiting inmates incarcerated at the Henry County Jail.

Click here for information on approved items that can be left for inmates incarcerated at the Henry County Jail.

Click here for information on sending mail to inmates incarcerated at the Henry County Jail.

If you need more information, feel free to contact our
Inmate Relations Unit at 770-288-7047 or 770-288-7037.


Lt. G. D. Brownlee
Inmate Relations Supervisor

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