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Inmate Mail

Mail may be sent to persons incarcerated in the Henry County Jail provided it does not violate policy that has been established to control contraband and ensure the safety and security of the facility, staff and inmates.  Please read the following carefully.

Mail/Packages will be opened and inspected by staff members for contraband and randomly read for information that may constitute a threat to the safety or security of the facility.  An inmate will be notified of any censorship or seizure of mail citing specific reason(s) for such action.  Mail that is not in English will be delayed until it can be translated.  Incoming mail may be returned to sender, held in the inmate’s personal property, or turned over to the District Attorney for criminal prosecution if: 

  • It violates legal or postal regulations;
  • It contains information of escape plots, riots or other disorder or plans to violate laws or rules;
  • It contains threats, extortion or obscenity;
  • It contains code (gang signs etc);
  • It contains contraband;
  • It contains information that advocates or describes the killing of law enforcement personnel;
  • It contains plans for the production of any explosive, incendiary or pyrotechnic device;
  • It contains writings that would inflame or contribute to tension between ethnic groups and threaten the safety, security, or order of the facility;
  • It contains personal checks, payroll checks, or cash;
  • It contains loose stamps, envelopes, or plain paper of any kind;
  • It contains personal property or clothing;
  • It contains magazines or magazine clippings;
  • It contains sexual content;
  • It contains lipstick;
  • It contains colored pictures or pictures containing crayon;
  • It contains paper with colored marker or highlighters;
  • It contains stickers or tape;
  • It contains water color or finger paintings;
  • It contains tattoo making materials.

Photographs may be received and retained by inmates under the following rules:

  • The photograph may not be sexual in nature;
  • The photograph shall be unframed and shall not exceed 4x6 inches in size;
    The  photograph may not be from an instant camera;
  • Photographs which are deemed capable of compromising the safety, security or orderly running of the facility may be prohibited (i.e. gang stacking or gang signs).

Soft covered books may be purchased and sent direct from a publisher or bookstore.  A limit of three (3) books may be in an inmate’s possession at one time. Should more books be received, they will be placed with the inmates property and not be available to be swapped out.  Books that have been read may be turned-in to family members and additional books received.  All publications received will be opened and inspected for contraband to ensure the safe and secure operation of the facility.

Any attempts to cause to have delivered any contraband items will result in the banning of the person delivering the contraband and possible criminal prosecution of all parties involved.

All mail must include the inmate’s name and inmate number.  If you do not have an inmate number, please use our inmate search to obtain one.  Send inmate mail addressed to:

Inmate Name, Inmate Number
Henry County Jail
120 Henry Parkway
McDonough, GA 30253

If you need further information, please feel free to contact Inmate Relations at


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