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Gang Suppression Unit

In 2017, the Gang Suppression Unit (GSU) was created as a central point for gathering intelligence on gang activity.  Intelligence is gathered from Federal, State and local law enforcement sources.

The GSU is tasked with investigating gang activity, identifying members and working with prosecutors to use the Georgia Street Gang Terrorism and Prevention Act to impose longer prison sentences. This will keep gang members off our streets for longer periods of time and benefit community safety.  The unit also provides trained professionals to interact with community leaders as a source of information and provide community education.

Gang activity is documented in a database managed by the Sheriff’s Office and shared with other agencies in Henry County and across the state.  The software is designed to specifically identify and track gang activities and individual members.

If you have any information regarding gang activity in Henry County, please click the following email link GangSuppression@co.henry.ga.us  or call 770-288-7023.  All contacts will be kept anonymous.

To learn more about gangs, click on the questions below.

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