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Sheriff's "Special Response Team"

Henry County Special Response Team

The Special Response Team (SRT) was created in 2009 by Sheriff McBrayer who recognized that with the large number of schools, courtrooms, high risk warrants and increasing jail inmate population the safety and security of the occupants was his top priority.  The SRT is commanded by Capt. David Cody and is made up of specially trained Deputies from the Jail and Field Operations Divisions.  Being conscientious of the use of taxpayer money, Sheriff McBrayer has utilized money confiscated by the Sheriff's Drug Task force Deputies to purchase equipment for this Unit. 

To become an SRT member candidates must first undergo a thorough review of their personal and work performance.   After passing the initial screening, candidates must complete a rigorous selection process including both physical and mental challenges.  Candidates undergo a full day of tryouts which includes firearms proficiency and  a number of strenuous exercises emulating the types of situations they may encounter while assigned to the SRT.  The Henry County Sheriff's Office only selects those with the highest level of proficiency and performance.   

This team is prepared to respond to any situation that may require special training and equipment that would be outside the normal scope of duties performed by a Deputy Sheriff.  This can include responding to high risk situations within Henry County at the schools, Courthouses, jail facilities, or when high risk warrants are to be served.  The team is also available to assist other agencies within Henry County. 

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