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School Resource Unit

The Sheriff's School Resource Unit is a cooperative effort between the Henry County Sheriff’s Office and the Henry County Board of Education. 

There are 17 deputies and three supervisors servicing 52 schools and more than 43,000 students.  Each of the 12 high schools and two of the middle schools have a Resource Deputy assigned to them.  These SRO's are also responsible for the feeder middle school and elementary schools within their clusters.  In 2009 Sheriff McBrayer assigned a K-9 deputy to the unit who is responsible for drug detection both inside and outside of the school property.

The primary duty of the School Resource Unit is to PROVIDE A SAFE LEARNING ENVIRONMENT FOR THE STUDENT AND A SAFE TEACHING ENVIRONMENT FOR THE TEACHER.  The Unit will investigate criminal activity within the schools; assist with the enforcement of school regulations, present various instructions in law related areas.  They also counsel with student and parents, mediate disputes between students and mentor students when asked.

Parents may reach the School Resource Officer assigned to their child’s school by calling the high school in your zoned area. The supervisor's can be reached through the information beneath their photos or by calling the Henry County Board of Education at 770-957-0094.

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Capt. Joshua Duke
School Resource Unit Commander

Lt. Michael Agan
SRO Supervisor

Sgt. Renee Nelson
SRO Supervisor

Sgt. Cindy Johanson
SRO Supervisor

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